Next Steps

1. Introductory Call

To get the process rolling, please contact us to set up an introductory call with Andy Bell. We’ll learn a little about each other, discuss the brand and our business model, review the initial investment breakdown, and get an understanding of what prompted your interest in this business opportunity. In addition, we will provide a Confidential Questionnaire and Process Letter.

2. Complete the CQ

After we have introduced ourselves and determined the opportunity is worth further exploration, we will ask that you complete our Confidential Questionnaire. This will provide each of us with a better understanding of why you want to go into business for yourself. It also helps us determine if we share common goals, values, financial objectives, and the right background ensuring the right fit for the Handyman Matters culture.

3. Brand Investigation

We will spend time educating you on the phenomenal Marketing, Technology, and Recruitment tools and processes that will support you in your new business. Time is spent in detail showcasing Marketing support, inclusive of sending you a sample packet. Additionally, we review the employee Source, Recruit and Hire system we have in place that is invaluable as you start the business.

4. Technology call

Here’s what really sets us apart! Our integrated software and network-wide tools and resources are such huge benefits in running the day-to-day operations of your business, that we created a presentation specifically designed to showcase these amazing systems. We run a shared-screen tutorial (approx. 1hr) to show you how innovative and current these systems are.

5. Review the FDD

At this point, you will have a copy of our FDD in your hands for you to peruse and review. During the FDD Review Call, we dig into specific sections in great detail and address any questions or concerns you may have. This document provides all of the specifics around our Franchise, including financial performance and franchisor expectations. Prior to ending that call, we will discuss the Validation process, provide a Validation code, and schedule our next call.

6. Validation – Speak to an Owner

By the time you reach this step in the process, you will be armed with a ton of information specific to the Handyman Matters business model. But what you really want at this time, is to get input straight from the “horse’s mouth”. That’s why, our validation process consists of speaking directly with existing owners to learn all about the day to day life of  a Handyman Matters Franchise Owner. We’ll provide you with a contact list of franchisees who have agreed to spend some time speaking with you. You are, of course welcome to call anyone on the list. If you want our assistance in scheduling a call, we’ll be happy to do so.

7. Meet the Team Day

One of the most exciting steps in the process, is called Meet the Team Day (MTTD). MTTD, is when you come visit us here at our Corporate Support Center, in Lakewood, CO. During this mutually agreed-upon time, you meet the wonderful team that will assist you in becoming a business owner and support you for the lifespan of your business. This face-to-face meeting is a great time to ask questions, review outstanding concerns, and get a first-hand opportunity to experience our culture. Once you have completed your Meet the Team Day, we will schedule a decision date (within 48 hours of leaving Meet the Team Day).

8. Decision Day, Signing of FA agreements!

And lastly, you’re about to cross the finish line, there’s just one final step…After you have enjoyed spending time with our Team, Andy will follow up with you for one final meeting to address any last-minute questions and determine whether or not you will be moving forward with the purchase of a Handyman Matters Franchise.


As the President of Handyman Matters franchising, my #1 priority is to get the right people focused on the right things and to say “no” to the wrong things. This is especially important in selecting Franchise Partners that are the right fit!Andy Bell