Our Competitive Advantage

By combining a Marketing approach steeped in consumer research, 20 years of empirical data and high conversion strategies and tactics, with Operational & Logistical support tested and demonstrated to be successful in running an efficient handyman business, our owners get scale!


  • World-class CRM & POS system, makes the scheduling, dispatching and administration of your business a breeze!
  • A Seamless Onboarding Process including Pre-Training, Franchise University & On-site Support at your Grand Opening; plus a 90 day follow-up visit to ensure a solid foundation is in place.
  • A Regional Support Director – dedicated hands-on support resource to coach and share best practices, so you’renever alone.
  • A vetted Recruiting & Hiring Platform to locate and attract top talent in your market(s).
  • Access to a bank of recorded training webinars, product and package training guides, and scripts.
  • Strategic Partnerships with manufacturers & suppliers to leverage economies of scale for increased profit margins.
  • A Service Path, excelling at the Customer Purchase Journey at all points, ensuring Customer Lifetime Value, increased profitability and employee retention.


  • Outstanding Digital Footprint and Platform to support lead generation and brand awareness.
  • Online Booking and Appointment Setting for easy booking by the customer 24/7.
  • An Automated/Triggered Email System ensuring your business remains front of mind at all times, increasing Average Revenue opportunities and driving word of mouth and referral business.
  • Marketing Collateral, Tactics and Support at a Brand and market level.
  • A Trusted Brand that stands out.


  • To identify and attract educated, excited and ready to buy customers.
  • To be easy to reach and quick to assess customer wants and needs, educating the customer about the details of their project.
  • To dispatch personnel promptly and at a convenient time to a customer home.
  • To be responsive and thorough in our service of the customer.
  • To pro-actively communicate progress and challenges with customers on their jobs.
  • To efficiently follow up, bill and maintain contact after the job is completed.
  • To scale your business without having to scale overhead while serving customers.
  • To create Customer Lifetime Value by following Service Path.

1 + 1 = 3

By providing our owners with Marketing and Operational Excellence, inside a large, growing and ever-present market of millions of households, your business has unlimited potential to flourish with Handyman Matters. Combine our business model with the passion and dedication of our founder/owner, the Support Center TEAM & your hard work, you achieve a force to be reckoned with.

We help customers love their homes and in turn our customers love Handyman Matters. Becoming a Home Ally sets us apart from our competition and creates customer loyalty. Kim Hobden

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