5 Myths Debunked

MYTH #1: I’ll need to know or learn how to swing a hammer to run this business.

TRUTH #1: Absolutely not!

C-level, or Executive Level Managers with operations, business management, strategic planning, and project management experience are the most effective Handyman Matters owners.

The most successful owners take advantage of their previous career experience and parlay their strengths into running a scalable construction services business in the new economy. Because you hire and manage a team of craftsmen who are responsible for the day-to-day job management, owner construction experience is not required. A competent and experienced executive level leader who understands the value of staying close to the business can effectively leverage the business’s systems and processes to create a solid, sustainable, and profitable enterprise.

Key attributes that increase success are owners that are:

  • Comfortable making decisions and driving results through a team
  • Challenged by and excited to lead a team of employees
  • Motivated leaders who value defined roles and responsibilities
  • Aligned with employee development and performance, based in sound customer service


MYTH #2: A Handyman Matters Franchise business sounds like it’s for men only.

TRUTH #2: Not at all. The business is designed for anyone!

The Handyman Matters system is a multi-tasking machine. Anyone with a previous career in the corporate world can apply those same skills to business ownership and be successful. In fact, many of our most successful owners are women. One of our most advanced multi-tasking technology machines is our proprietary system, WebScheduler. Millions of dollars have been spent on perfecting this system to ensure optimal usage and support for an owner. The software is the engine that drives the management of estimating, scheduling, marketing and dispatching craftsmen. On the back end, it matches the skills of the craftsmen to the skills being requested for the job at hand, removing guesswork and driving efficiency.


MYTH #3: A Handyman Matters Franchise only services small minor residential jobs right?

TRUTH #3: No.

Home Improvement is a robust business segment with strong growth and Handyman Matters is led by a franchisor with deep consumer understanding, in-place systems and operational processes that give local franchise owners a very real competitive edge.

A Handyman Matters Franchise is uniquely positioned to serve the full gamut of home and commercial improvement jobs – both large and small – with a team of licensed, bonded and insured craftsmen on your payroll, not subcontractors. This has been identified as a significant competitive advantage that leads to more satisfied customers and a more sustainable business.


  • Multiple Revenue Streams include Residential, Commercial and Property Management.
  • A loyal customer base of happy repair customers is built and you become their trusted partner on larger projects such as bathrooms, kitchens and decks.
  • According to the Joint Center for Housing studies of Harvard University, the average spend annually by each homeowner is $2500. A typical Handyman Matters Territory has a minimum of 62,500 households – huge opportunity.


MYTH #4: It will be very difficult for me to achieve financial freedom in the Home Repair and Restoration Industry.



  • The home improvement industry is a growing segment with reliable revenue opportunities. The business model is viable across changing economies and has proven to be resilient through the most difficult of economic times. (Handyman Matters started in 1998 and sustained throughout the recent recession).
  • Handyman Matters systems are tailored to serve multiple revenue streams.
  • Handyman Matters has developed systems to provide functional scalability with low initial investment, freeing capital for business development. We have thoroughly vetted, proprietary support systems that will free you to focus time and efforts on running your business.
  • Handyman Matters is a value driven organization. The founder is involved and continues to drive initiatives to help make you successful. You will be supported as a true partner, not just a number in our system. Quite simply, Handyman Matters is a business that provides value, serves people and solves problems – a model with tremendous upside.


MYTH #5: I won’t have control of the product and services I provide because the work is performed by subcontractors.


Your craftsmen will be employees – It’s your competitive point of difference and a core reason you will stand apart from the industry. Craftsmen come in more colors than “blue.” You don’t have to be a blue-collar expert to make a significant impact in this industry. As a Handyman Matter’s Owner, you will guide the business based in ethics and integrity – you will be optimistic and caring in your interactions; you will understand the value of culture and in aligning employees against a mission; and you are community minded, at home serving and helping others.

  • As an owner, you typically start your business off with two or three W-2 craftsmen.
  • W-2 employees allow you to hold them accountable for being on time, acting professional and to be continuously trained in the service path: Steps of Service.
  • Owners follow protocol for national background checks and skills assessments, prior to hiring – it provides added security and accountability to your consumers.
  • The employees are part of your company and are licensed, bonded and insured. This reduces liability that occurs every time one chooses to work with a subcontractor.
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