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Build and Keep a Great T.E.A.M.





This is our mantra, here at Handyman Matters and it starts with our Culture. While the challenge of finding the right people is not unique to our business, we take it very seriously. The TEAM is the lifeline of the business and each collectively delivers on our Marketing Promise, our Consumer Pledge, and our Value Proposition resulting in sustainable and growing revenues, profits and overall asset value.

Recruiting the top talent

Handyman Matters invests heavily in Recruitment and Retention. We utilize a third party software that aggregates job postings to all the active and most popular job boards, with just one click! This software delivers candidates into an easy to manage portal that works as an applicant management system.

Retaining the top talent – Requires a three-fold approach.

  • Keep them Busy! – By investing in marketing plans you will keep the phones ringing and when the TEAM is making money, so are YOU!
  • TRAIN-TRAIN-TRAIN! – Handyman Matters has a proven method to set accountability for the TEAM to execute the customer journey through our model. By utilizing Best Demonstrated Practices to educate and excite your TEAM to execute their jobs, delivers happy customers and happy employees!
  • Actively MANAGE! – Manage, by definition is a verb. It requires action to reinforce positive behavior and constructively coach expectations. Believe it or not, people like to know what they are responsible for. By treating our TEAM with dignity and respect and always holding everyone equally accountable, retention is a non-issue and turnover costs are reduced, quality of life for the Owner is optimized, thus resulting in a business that is easier to run and generates maximized profitability.

Three main goals to support you and your business:

  1. Easy to use Recruit, Screen & Hire System.
  2. Shared Best Practices to ensure you hire the best people for your business.
  3. Provide a consistent flow of qualified applicants to your door to allow scalability when business demands it.

My best advice is to follow the plan. They have been doing this for 20 years, and it really works.Brian Wigatow, MD

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