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Build and Keep a Great T.E.A.M.





Employees are the heart and soul of any company. At Handyman Matters, employees are that and so much more. They are the voice of the company, the face of the company and, ultimately, the inventory that drives revenue.  Handyman Matters developed a system to help recruit, screen and hire employees, that is easy to use and caters to helping you staff your business.

What we Provide:

  • Ongoing, automated recruiting system.
  • System powered by Career Plug® that:
    • Engages and identifies people for immediate hire if qualified
    • Provides a seamless applicant management process
    • Automatically posts to multiple job boards
    • Allows for geo-targeting for market-based recruitment
    • Utilizes best practices for the recruit & hire process unique to the Franchise Model
    • Builds a Talent/Pool of Applicants
    • Provides “Always On” recruiting. Applicants can apply 24/7.
    • Provides access to a resume database
  • Support Center assistance and sharing of hiring best practices.
  • Proactive & In-Person Recruiting Guidelines and Processes

Three Main Goals to support you and your business

  1. Provide an easy to use Recruit, Screen and Hire System
  2. To share best practices to ensure you hire the best people for your business
  3. To provide a consistent flow of qualified applicants to your door to allow scalability when business demands.

My best advice is to follow the plan. They have been doing this for 20 years, and it really works.Brian Wigatow, MD

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