Service Path

The expectations, and frankly demands, of consumers are increasing.   What used to be apathy on the part of a consumer in regards to service in the home, has evolved to much higher requirements.  Handyman Matters invested heavily to ensure the customer journey and customer experience is top-notch.

What we Provide:

  • Service Path Training
  • Call Blueprints for CSR’s
  • Detailed Steps for Craftsman
  • Office Collateral
  • Ongoing Support and Continued Education

Three Main Goals to support you and your business

  • Deliver a Customer Experience that meets and/or exceeds expectations.
  • Provide a process to guide the creation of an efficient and consistent operation.
  • Confidence your business creates Repeat Customers and Highly Rated Reviews after all jobs.

Why have a Service Path?

The simple answer is that Service Path is a proven system that works.  It is our competitive differentiation that keeps Handyman Matters above other companies in the industry.  Our customers continually provide feedback that the level of service received by our offices is truly what sets us apart.

What it can mean for your business?

  • Higher Conversion
  • Happier/Repeat Customers
  • Increased Referral and Word of Mouth
  • Higher morale for your staff
  • Pride in providing customers a world-class experience
  • Maximized profitability through consistent & efficient operational execution