Our Story

The Handyman Matters Beginning

It began with a shift in values and a desire for simplicity.

Andy Bell had spent more than ten years in the corporate world, first as a stockbroker and then in the food and beverage industry. Wanting to start a family, and recognizing that the hours associated with restaurant management left no time for a personal life, Andy then made the decision to return home to the state of Colorado in 1997.

Casting about for what to do next, Andy founded a small business of his own repairing swamp coolers, a skill that had been necessary to learn because the coolers atop many of the restaurants he’d managed broke down regularly. This new endeavor was successful from the start; not only that but Andy discovered that grateful homeowners frequently asked him if he could take a look at other problems they were having around the house.

This convinced him that there was a vastly under-served market in the home repair field, and he began researching the idea of expanding the business.

In the 20 years since, Handyman Matters Franchise Corporation has expanded from coast to coast, but that singular and modest origin represents the values and concepts that are still in place throughout the company today.

Whether you’re a business owners or an employee, we believe that business should never come at the expense of family life or necessary personal time.

Success is measured not just in financial gain, but also in quality of life.

We have been owners since 2014 and love it. Great support and a proven model. We love helping our community with a service that is in great demand. And we love the before and after transformations our team completes for neighbors and friends! If you love home improvement and are good at business, this franchise opportunity might be for you.Paul Hammer,
Northeast Columbus, OH

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