Word From Our CEO

Almost two decades ago, I set out to build a company that would bring ethics and integrity to the home improvement industry. Today, 148 markets later, across the country we are Redefining Home Improvement by serving customers at a whole new level – the Handyman Matters way.

At Handyman Matters we endeavor to:

  • Solve home improvement problems the way the customer expects.
  • Professionally respond quickly and appropriately to customer’s needs.
  • Partner with our customers to support them in managing their home – one of the most valuable assets most will ever own.
  • Become the home ally that assists our customers with the statement below:

“Life’s too busy and a home is too valuable to keep up with it on my own.”

Handyman Matters strives to solve home improvement problems the way our customers expect. We pride ourselves on hiring highly skilled craftsmen and inspire them to find workable solutions to our customers’ challenges. We collaborate with our customers until they are comfortable with a solution, and then we continue to communicate our progress on the project until it’s done. Finally, we follow through to ensure outcomes meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

Handyman Matters is not a contracting business. It is a management, marketing, scheduling, technology and service business. Our ultimate goal is to partner with our customers, as their home improvement ally, to support them in managing their highest value asset. It is our goal to change how consumers think of the building industry and significantly increase what they come to expect from a quality home improvement company.

We do many things differently from our competitors. Decisions are based on solid business and financial principles. If the information in our Franchise Program motivates you and you would like to become a part of the expansion of our Franchise Family, please take the investigation process seriously. You will also be invited to come and visit our flagship Handyman Matters Operation in Lakewood, CO and meet with us in person. I guarantee you will be impressed with what you see and hear about our exciting opportunity!

Best Regards,

Andy Bell
CEO & Founder
Handyman Matters Franchise Corporation

As the President of Handyman Matters franchising, my #1 priority is to get the right people focused on the right things and to say “no” to the wrong things. This is especially important in selecting Franchise Partners that are the right fit!Andy Bell

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