Impacting Lives

The culture at Handyman Matters seeks ways to impact the lives of those around us. Whether that is the customers we serve, the employees we hire or the community in which we live, we are constantly looking for the opportunity to make a difference.

Our motto is “Helping You Love Your Home”. You will run a business that truly impacts your customer at the core of their world, the home that they and their families live in. The amount of joy and pride that ultimately you deliver is an amazing way to positively impact their lives.

As you start your business, you immediately begin impacting the employees you hire. Not only providing employment and a paycheck but with our culture in place, you provide so much more. Weekends free, a business where their time, skills and attributes are appreciated not only by you but by your customers.

The support I receive from the corporate office is outstanding…they continually work with me to make sure I have everything I need to run my business. Ultimately, they feel like family to me.DAVID PIERCE, KS

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