The financial requirements to own a Handyman Matters business are listed in our Item 7 from our FDD and copied below. At the end of the day this is going to be:

  • Your Asset
  • Your Business
  • Your Investment for the future.

Therefore, when the time comes to sell the business or pass it on to a family member, you will have great value as being part of a national brand.

As with any business, there is an investment both monetarily and with your time. You should always ask yourself, why would I spend this when I could do it on my own. The answer with Handyman Matters lies in the business model, systems and procedures that have been perfected for over 20 years and the amount of support our franchise offers.

Your investment in Handyman Matters provides:

  • Business Ownership in a robust and growing segment, with recurring revenue streams.
  • Proprietary Systems to start and grow your business.
  • A Strong Brand and name in the Home Service and construction industry.
  • Marketing and Operations support at all times, guiding your business.
  • A founder-owned and led company standing with you and behind you.
  • Protected Territory

Item 7
Estimated Initial Investment
Your Estimated Initial Investment

Column 1
Type of Expenditure
Column 2
Column 3
Method of Payment
Column 4
When Due
Column 5
To whom payment is to be made
Initial Franchise Fee (1)$20,000Lump sum or FinanceAt signing of Franchise AgreementUs
Territory Fee (1)$35,000- $40,000Lump sum or FinanceAt signing of Franchise AgreementUs
Travel and living expense while training (2)$1,500- $2,500As incurredAs incurred during trainingAirlines, hotels, restaurants, auto rental
Lease Deposit (3)$600- $1,850Lump sumAt signing of lease and for termLessor
Rent for first 3 months (3)$1,800- $3,000As incurredMonthlyLessor
Leasehold Improvements and Signage (3)$800- $5,000Will varyAs incurredContractor or Suppliers
Furnishings$800- $5,000Will varyAs incurredSuppliers
Tools and equipment (4)$800- $2,800Lump sumAt deliverySuppliers
Truck or Van (5)$500- $2,950As incurredMonthlySuppliers
Computer Hardware, Software and Office Equipment (6)$2,250- $5,025As neededBefore training and as incurredThird Party
Software and Internet Fees (7)$1,497- $2,094As incurred, monthlyMonthlyUs
Start-up advertising (8)$6,500- $9,000As incurredVaried times from pre-opening to post-openingSuppliers
Utility deposits and fees$100- $450As incurredMonthlyUtility companies
Licenses and permits (9)$630- $1,600Lump sumAt time of applicationGovernment agencies or third parties
Insurance (10)$1,500- $2,800As incurredMonthlyInsurance companies
Professional fees$500- $3,000As incurredAs agreedAttorneys, accountants and other consultants
Miscellaneous opening costs$2,000- $4,500As incurredVaried timesSuppliers, vendors
Additional Funds (3 months) (11)$15,000- $25,000As incurredVaried timesSuppliers, utilities, vendors
TOTAL (12)(13)(14)(15)$91,777- $136,569


See Item 7 of the Handyman Matters 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document for more information

Performance Refund

The initial investment can drive FEAR…. Therefore we put our Money where our Mouth is! How confident are we that our model will bring you success quickly?  If you do not obtain $200,000 in Gross Revenue during the first 12 months of business we will refund 50% of your Franchise Fee!

What Can I Make?