Why Handyman Matters

Professional Experience In An Industry Where Professionalism Makes A Difference

By combining a Marketing approach steeped in consumer research, 20 years of empirical data and high conversion strategies and tactics, with Operational & Logistical support tested and demonstrated to be successful in running an efficient handyman business, our owners get scale!

  • Low Capital Investment
  • Constant Need for Service -110 MILLION homes in the US
  • Marketing Provided – best in practice marketing programs designed to grow your business
  • We Support You -with unique coaching & mentoring
  • Customer Retention Plan- to create recurring business
  • Availability of protected territories
  • Regular business hours
  • “Tested Ideas” – innovation tested in our own corporate locations, not yours
  • Top-Notch technology- providing efficiency and organization
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand & Marketing
  • Operations
  • Recruitment
  • Service Path



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