Things to Know

  • Handyman Matters’ most compelling competitive advantage is our technology-based systems and process. They’re proprietary and a core driver of our business model. Over the past eighteen years, we have invested over a million dollars to make this system invaluable to the daily operations of our independent franchises in the operation of their business.

    Whether it’s scheduling, marketing, dispatching, or accounting, the system enables our franchisees the ability to efficiently scale their business without scaling their overhead while serving customers.

    We have partnered that software to utilize a Net Promoter Score System so we can listen and respond to our customers. And we’ve taken our system to the next level, incorporating up to the minute customer feedback to continue to improve our service. Our customers tell us over and over again our systems work.

    From an insider perspective, the software supports our core operating principles:

    • To be easy to reach and quick to assess customer wants and needs.
    • To dispatch personnel to be timely in response and thorough in our service of the customer.
    • To proactively communicate progress and challenges with clients on their jobs.
    • To efficiently follow up, bill and maintain contact after the job is completed.

    “Seeing a project from beginning to end and hearing the customers’ satisfaction is incredibly rewarding.”Brian Keill, NY

  • Our marketing department helps focus your precious marketing dollars on getting your phone to ring with customers wanting your services. Our team of marketing experts understands this business, and comes armed with a plethora of consumer research. This allows us to find the right customers, at the right time and increase the likelihood they choose to contact you!

    Pre-opening & Grand Opening Support
    A concise marketing plan is pre-built that is simply initiated to being the flow of customers into your business. All marketing collateral and support materials are available so you can start marketing day one.

    Ongoing Support:
    Once your business is open, we stay with you throughout the lifetime of your business. We supply cohesive marketing programs, calendars and expertise to not only sustain your business, but grow it!

    What we provide:

    • Key marketing strategies.
    • Marketing plans, easy to follow and implement.
    • Activity calendars designed to make it easy to launch marketing plans.
    • Exceptional tactics and collateral to support growing your business.
    • Turnkey marketing campaigns and promotions.
    • Website presence, fully optimized and localized for your business.

    Three main goals to support you and your business:

    1. Deliver educated, excited and ready to buy customers.
    2. Build a recognizable and trusted Brand to differentiate your business.
    3. Minimize owners from falling into any marketing pitfalls or traps.

    “I have experienced growth for the last 8 years...because we provide a service that my community truly needs.”Jim Abbott, Canada

  • The Handyman Matters Support Center provides owners a tried and true set of processes, systems, best practices and training that our founder used to start this business nearly 20 years ago and have been perfected throughout the years. We know how to start, build and grow this service-based business. Our operations and logistics programs run smoothly and efficiently, leaving you time to manage your business.

    With a staff possessing over 90 years of experience, we are experts in providing the knowledge needed at every step of the life-cycle of your business.

    • Pre-training
      Prior to attending Franchise University, you are assigned a Regional Support Director to facilitate onboarding. This ensures you start off on the right foot and come prepared to learn.
    • Franchise University
      This hands-on training program is designed to ensure you return to your business completely prepared and ready to open. We train you on the model and you leave confident for your Grand Opening!
    • Pre-opening
      Your Regional Director takes the guesswork out of getting up and running. With our experience and checklist, we ensure you work on the necessary items to prepare for a successful launch!
    • Grand Opening
      When the big day comes, our Regional Director is on-site to facilitate the onboarding and training of your TEAM and ensures your office and system is set up.
      We also work with you to create an Initial 90 Day Operating Plan, designed to maximize your revenue generating activity to set your business off!
    • On-going
      Once you are up and running, our Support Center and your Regional Support Directors are with you at all times. We offer a number of supporting programs and you have constant contact, both onsite at your office and on the phone with us.

    “The Handyman Matters systems and software allows me to efficiently run my business. It’s also great for my customers. They really enjoy the convenience of booking jobs online 24/7 or from their smart phones.”Paul Bors, IL

  • Employees are the heart and soul of any company. Here at Handyman Matters, employees are that and so much more. They are the voice of your company, the face of your company and, ultimately, the inventory that drives your revenue.

    Handyman Matters has invested heavily into a system to help recruit, screen and hire employees. This “Complete Applicant Management System” is easy to use and manage and caters to helping you staff your business efficiently and effectively. Handyman Matters knows it is critical to hire the right people, at the right time for your business.

    What we provide:

    • A system, powered by CareerBuilder that:
      • Engages and identifies people for immediate hire if qualified.
      • Builds a Talent Network/Pool of Applicants to pull from over time.
      • Provides “Always on” recruiting. Applicants can apply 24/7.
      • Auto sends relevant and targeted emails to candidates and potential hires within defined territories.
      • Provides access to a resume database.
    • Broadbean Job Distribution which automatically pushes job posts to numerous job boards.
    • Luceo Applicant Tracking System which provides a candidate work flow process.
    • Support Center assistance and sharing of hiring best practices.
    • Website Presence to help attract candidates regularly.

    Three main goals to support you and your business:

    1. Easy to use Recruit, Screen and Hire System.
    2. To share best practices to ensure you hire the best people for your business.
    3. To provide a consistent flow of qualified applicants to your door to allow scalability when business demands.

    “My best advice is to follow the plan. They have been doing this for 15 years, and it really works.”Brian Wigatow, MD

  • MYTH #1: I’ll need to know or learn how to swing a hammer to run this business.
    TRUTH #1: Absolutely not!

    C-level, or Executive Level Managers with operations, business management, strategic planning, and project management experience are the most effective Handyman Matters owners.

    The most successful owners take advantage of their previous career experience and parlay their strengths into running a scalable construction services business in the new economy. Because you hire and manage a team of craftsmen who are responsible for the day-to-day job management, owner construction experience is not required. A competent and experienced executive level leader who understands the value of staying close to the business can effectively leverage the business’s systems and processes to create a solid, sustainable, and profitable enterprise.

    Key attributes that increase success are owners that are:

    • Comfortable making decisions and driving results through a team
    • Challenged by and excited to lead a team of employees
    • Motivated leaders who value defined roles and responsibilities
    • Aligned with employee development and performance, based in sound customer service

    MYTH #2: A Handyman Matters Franchise business sounds like it’s for men only.
    TRUTH #2: Not at all. The business is designed for anyone!

    The Handyman Matters system is a multi-tasking machine. Anyone with a previous career in the corporate world can apply those same skills to business ownership and be successful. In fact, many of our most successful owners are women. One of our most advanced multi-tasking technology machines is our proprietary system, WebScheduler. Millions of dollars have been spent on perfecting this system to ensure optimal usage and support for an owner. The software is the engine that drives the management of estimating, scheduling, marketing and dispatching craftsmen. On the back end, it matches the skills of the craftsmen to the skills being requested for the job at hand, removing guesswork and driving efficiency.

    MYTH #3: A Handyman Matters Franchise only services small minor residential jobs right?
    TRUTH #3: No.

    Home Improvement is a robust business segment with strong growth and Handyman Matters is led by a franchisor with deep consumer understanding, in-place systems and operational processes that give local franchise owners a very real competitive edge.

    A Handyman Matters Franchise is uniquely positioned to serve the full gamut of home and commercial improvement jobs – both large and small – with a team of licensed, bonded and insured craftsmen on your payroll, not subcontractors. This has been identified as a significant competitive advantage that leads to more satisfied customers and a more sustainable business.

    • Multiple Revenue Streams include Residential, Commercial and Property Management.
    • A loyal customer base of happy repair customers is built and you become their trusted partner on larger projects such as bathrooms, kitchens and decks.
    • According to the Joint Center for Housing studies of Harvard University, the average spend annually by each homeowner is $2500. A typical Handyman Matters Territory has a minimum of 62,500 households – huge opportunity.

    MYTH #4: It will be very difficult for me to achieve financial freedom in the Home Repair and Restoration Industry.
    TRUTH #4: FALSE.

    • The home improvement industry is a growing segment with reliable revenue opportunities. The business model is viable across changing economies and has proven to be resilient through the most difficult of economic times. (Handyman Matters started in 1998 and sustained throughout the recent recession).
    • Handyman Matters systems are tailored to serve multiple revenue streams.
    • Handyman Matters has developed systems to provide functional scalability with low initial investment, freeing capital for business development. We have thoroughly vetted, proprietary support systems that will free you to focus time and efforts on running your business.
    • Handyman Matters is a value driven organization. The founder is involved and continues to drive initiatives to help make you successful. You will be supported as a true partner, not just a number in our system. Quite simply, Handyman Matters is a business that provides value, serves people and solves problems – a model with tremendous upside.

    MYTH #5: I won’t have control of the product and services I provide because the work is performed by subcontractors.
    TRUTH #5: FALSE.

    Your craftsmen will be employees – It’s your competitive point of difference and a core reason you will stand apart from the industry. Craftsmen come in more colors than “blue.” You don’t have to be a blue-collar expert to make a significant impact in this industry. As a Handyman Matter’s Owner, you will guide the business based in ethics and integrity – you will be optimistic and caring in your interactions; you will understand the value of culture and in aligning employees against a mission; and you are community minded, at home serving and helping others.

    • As an owner, you typically start your business off with two or three W-2 craftsmen.
    • W-2 employees allow you to hold them accountable for being on time, acting professional and to be continuously trained in the service path: Steps of Service.
    • Owners follow protocol for national background checks and skills assessments, prior to hiring – it provides added security and accountability to your consumers.
    • The employees are part of your company and are licensed, bonded and insured. This reduces liability that occurs every time one chooses to work with a subcontractor.

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